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Law Enforcement & Government

We offer training for law enforcement, military, government agencies and corporate/private security teams in hostage/crisis negotiation and hostage/barricade management.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality training and consultation, enabling clients to manage the effects of interacting with hostage-takers, barricade persons or persons threatening to commit suicide through proven communication and incident command techniques.

Why Us?

Our training is:

Led by current and former LE negotiators, with over 30 years of experience with Alexandria PD and the FBI

Adheres to best practices as outlined in the National Council of Negotiation Associations’ (NCNA) Recommended Negotiation Guidelines and Policies

Interactive and designed to give clients the ability to employ negotiation strategies and principles to real-world situations

Course Hosting

Many of our clients will find value in hosting a course tailored to their specific organizational needs. Others host courses to minimize travel cost and operational impact. Regardless, BSG is pleased to work with each of our clients to schedule training that meets their specific needs. All of our offerings can be purchased in entirety, or by meeting a minimal attendance requirement.

Hosting Requirements:

Provide classroom and practical exercise space, as well as fundamental on-site training aids (flipcharts, projectors, markers)

Enroll a minimum of 12 paid participants for the training class

In most classes, the maximum enrollment is 25 although in some instances may be elevated to 35. The hosting agency will receive 4 free slots for the first 12 paid enrollments and two for each subsequent group of six. If only 12 seats have been purchased, the host must make reasonable effort to fill remaining seats by assisting BSG in advertising course within the neighboring jurisdiction, state, and region. For example – forwarding BSG course announcements using existing E-mail distribution networks such as Academy Directors, Training Coordinators, and POST 90 days in advance of the course start date

Allow access to copier for minimum use

If the course is being customized, provide curriculum design input

Commit to allowing each student the necessary time to devote to training

Support the training concept

Communicate with BSG periodically to evaluate training

Render payment within 30 days. BSG requires at least 12 paid customers to hold the training. The host agency will receive a total of 3 additional spots when the minimum registration of 12 paid attendees is met.

Training Programs

Introduction to Hostage/Crisis Negotiation

Cost: $395 per person

Days: 5

Min: 12 people

Max: 25 people

Introduces new or aspiring negotiators to the fundamental elements and best practices used by those called upon to negotiate with persons in crisis. Intended for those recently assigned to or desiring to join a negotiation team. This program is also useful for tactical operators, incident commanders, dispatchers and those seeking refresher training.

Enhanced Hostage/Crisis Negotiation

Days: 5

Min: 12 people

Max: 16 people

This program is designed to provide appropriate and practical to individuals who have taken some form of introductory hostage/crisis negotiations training. It will reacquaint the participants with topics covered in “basic” training as well as expose them to more advanced concepts and themes. Case-studies and mock scenarios are incorporated in the training in order to strength participant’s competence.

Hostage/Barricade Management for Commanders and Supervisors

Days: 2

Min: 25 people

Max: 50 people

This program is designed for on-scene decision makers and will provide specific guidelines on how to prepare a problem-solving strategy in response to a critical incident involving a hostage-taking or barricaded subject.

Respond, Don’t React – De-escalation and Conflict Resolution

Days: 2

Min: 12 people

Max: 25 people

This course focuses on specific communication and assessment techniques to encourage behavioral change prior to using force in order to gain compliance.

Hostage/Crisis Negotiations for Corrections

Days: 1

Min: 12 people

Max: 25 people

This program is for crisis negotiators working in a correctional setting. This course focuses on negotiation techniques specific to unique challenges present by inmates. All scenarios used in training are based on corrections-oriented incidents.

Hostage/Crisis Negotiations for Tactical Operators

Days: 1

Min: 12 people

Max: 25 people

Designed for SWAT operators who may have to engage a hostage-taker or barricaded subject voice-to-voice. Provides an overview of the fundamentals of crisis negotiations, active listening, and the negotiators/tactical relationship.

Suicide Intervention for Negotiators

Days: 1

Min: 25 people

Max: 50 people

The course is designed as a refresher or an initial exposure to suicide intervention. The class will discuss what suicide is and is not, identify risk indicators and teach the strategies, techniques and assessment of suicidal behavior.

Hostage/Barricade Dynamic Skills Enhancements

Days: 2

Min: 12 people

Max: 25 people

These are client-requested classes that delve deeper into topics taught in the basic and enhanced school.

Customized Training

The Black Swan Group will work with clients needing more organization-specific training to ensure we meet your exact needs. We will make every effort to meet your budget, timeline, and curriculum demands.

Other Services

Hostage/Barricade Policy Drafting or Review

We can help you establish or enhance an organization’s policies and procedures as it relates to hostage/barricade management. This includes an evaluation of existing policies and procedures, recommendations as to what topics are or should be omitted, as well as drafting an individual policy or a complete manual of procedures. All of the policies and procedures that we recommend or draft are based on a thorough analysis and evaluation of existing policy, current trends, litigation history as well as an individual needs assessment.

On-Scene Negotiation Assistance

Team assessment and advisement during a critical incident.

Media Technical Advisement

Offered to theatrical, television and other media production companies that rely upon the accurate depiction of law enforcement, particularly as it relates to hostage negotiations and hostage/barricade management tactics. Our assistance ranges from answering individual questions, providing consultation concerning set design, screenwriting consultation, consultation for news productions and acting coaches to ensure realism in the manner in which actors portray hostage/barricade roles.

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