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Keynotes & Seminars

Compelling and impactful presentations with valuable lessons for business and personal life.

Chris Voss

Chris is a dynamic speaker who debunks the biggest myths of negotiation. Chris engages all groups with captivating stories, insights, useful tips for business and everyday life, and interactive audience participation. Chris has lectured on negotiation at business schools across the country and has been seen on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, and Forbes. Chris’s Keynotes are based on his book Never Split The Difference.

Topics Include:

Negotiation Secrets from an FBI Hostage Negotiator

Why Yes is the Last Thing You Want to Hear

Bending Reality: How to Shape What is Fair

Two Words That Immediately Transform Any Negotiation

Guaranteeing Execution: How to Ensure Follow Through

Finding Black Swans: How to Create Breakthroughs by Revealing the Unknown Unknowns

Brandon Voss

Brandon draws from his sales experience and expertise in identifying and evaluating negotiator personality types to give audiences specific and actionable communication solutions. Brandon has lectured at business schools and companies across the country.

Where We Speak

Chris and Brandon love speaking engagements of all sizes, from large keynotes presentations to group seminars. They have spoken at:

AFP Annual Conference

Georgetown University’s Women in Business Conference



Harvard University

and more!

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