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“I was lucky enough to listen to Chris give a fantastic talk on negotiation techniques at a regional conference for Corporate Real Estate professionals. His competence and control of the subject is unquestionable. Even with all the great content covered it was clear that it represented only a fraction of his knowledge. A real master of his trade and a masterful public speaker he had the audience doubling over with laughter and not wanting to leave when it was over. ” – Stephen Blau, Commercial Furniture Interiors Inc.  

“I just wanted to give a “shout out” for your great email class!  I love it.  At first the emails were popping into my inbox and I filed them to “review later”.  When I did start  paying attention, I realized I had already missed the boat on some negotiations and realized that if I had read your lessons earlier, my recent deals would have gone better.  So, now fully alert and onboard, I started paying close attention to my daily nuggets from Black Swan.  They are fun to read and easy to understand.  I used just one technique and saved $7,000 instantly!  I did this with two different companies, and two different people and it worked exactly the same both times!  It’s a technique that is something I don’t normally do and seems so simple that it’s easy to gloss over.

I never really considered how integral good negotiation skills are for just about everything we do in life.  You’ve done an amazing job of getting my attention, helping me break bad habits and equipping me to be more successful. Thanks for the great working partnership – I’m saving money, making better deals and gaining tremendous confidence.  I promise to use my new powers for Good and not Evil!” – Robin Borough, President of Omnikron Systems

Chris Voss gave a captivating keynote speech to a packed auditorium at Bentley University for NCMA Boston’s 55th Annual March Workshop. It was an amazing event with a one of a kind American hero!

Chris kept us spell bound as he walked us through his transformation from FBI swat team member to the world’s leading hostage negotiator. His ideas throw conventional negotiation tactics on their head, but at the same time deeply resonate with anyone who has felt “taken hostage” during a negotiation. After all, if Chris’s techniques can work on barricaded criminals with assault rifles, they can get your negotiation counterpart to see your point of view and change what they are doing.

After the lecture, the audience left feeling empowered and inspired but clearly wanted more. Chris was enthusiastic and gracious about personally connecting with as many new fans as possible. These four hundred new members of the Black Swan Family have been rushing home every night to check their mailboxes for his upcoming book “Never Split the Difference.”

On a personal note, although I did agree to use my newfound skills for good and not evil, I admit to successfully using Chris’s hostage negotiation tactics on my boss, kids and at a local Subaru dealership.

Chris, would it be completely unreasonable of us to ask you to come back to Boston for another visit soon? Would you really want to put us in a position where we would have to dine at La Campania without you? –

-Ellen K. Kelley, President Elect, National Contracts Management Association (NCMA) Boston Chapter

“The Black Swan Group provides new perspectives on negotiation and approaching counterpart negotiators. They provide concrete tools to assist you with active listening which will move negotiations forward and prepare you to approach them with greater confidence. They help you see into the mind of your counterpart negotiators, anticipate their emotions and responses, and better be able to mitigate potential obstacles.” – Michael Bernstein

“Chris’s insights and remarkable stories from his days in the FBI reminded us of the stakes involved in learning to be an effective negotiator. You can’t help but appreciate the tools taught when you hear about how Chris put them in practice saving the lives of hostages and kidnap victims around the globe. Through his instruction and feedback, he encourages students to go beyond simply outlining interests to discover for themselves the importance of context, voice, silence, and body language.” – Darin McKeever, Senior Program Officer at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“Chris Voss provided me with crucial and timely advice when I was engaged in a salary negotiation. I felt a bit disenchanted with the first offer and felt my options where limited given the financial meltdown and the fierce competition in the job market. His preparation advice helped organize my strategy, anchored me with a solidly fair position, and gave me a clear vision of the direction I wanted the conversation to head in. He helped me devise critical open-ended questions to address the issues I was facing, allowing the interaction to move from a negotiation into a conversation between two people solving a problem. After my discussions with Chris I was empowered to successfully conclude a difficult conversation resulting with me receiving fair compensation and a new employer happy with the way I handled the discussions.” – Eric Perry, Director of Human Resources Organizational Development at MTA Bridges and Tunnels

“Christopher is very insightful, thoughtful and innovative on creating and executing negotiating techniques for difficult situations. He was very effective for one of my clients in a complex negotiation with a foreign based global corporation.” – Diane D. Reynolds, Of Counsel, Taft Stettinius & Hollister, LLP

“I always recommend Chris Voss, CEO of The Black Swan Group, to all my clients and have used his services personally. As a top-level negotiator he was able on three separate occasions to coach me into negotiation techniques that both closed business, and got the other party to write a check, even though the other party was closed to any agreement. Chris is an expert in business negotiation when the stakes are high. I wouldn’t want to be on the opposite side of the conference room table from him. He is a leader’s leader and a regular speaker, panelist & moderator for my monthly leadership group: Breakfast of Leaders/Capital CEO Forum. Whether you book him to speak to one of your professional organizations as an expert negotiator, or hire him to represent you at the negotiation table, Mr. Voss & The Black Swan Group is worth the investment, and is the smart choice! One you will be glad you made. “ – Teresa Moraska Founder & CEO, Breakfast of Leaders/Capital CEO Forum, a CEO Leadership Forum in DC, Houston, NYC, Silicon Valley