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Author: Chris Voss

The Tower of reams of dollars aspirations in heaven. The symbol of financial success.jpegJimmy Iovine is the business partner of Dr. Dre (American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur). Iovine cut the deal that sold Beats to Apple for 3 billion dollars. The story of how they got there is the subject of the phenomenal HBO documentary special “The Defiant Ones.” I had to watch it 3 times to begin to catch the nuances of a Iovine’s brilliant style.

dam.jpgWith questions? Surprisingly…no!

Not with questions. At least, not with open-ended or questions that are meant to be answered with a “yes.”

Your best tools are statements based on observations. Labels and cold reads. They extend thought processes, helping people open up the flow of what they are thinking and causing them to say it out loud.

Is it crazy to think this would work for you and your unique situation?






Think of this as “You had me at ‘no’” meets “think like Elon Musk.” 

“Do you want the FBI to be embarrassed?” –effective pause – “What do you want me to do?”

The above example is from our book “Never Split The Difference” where an FBI hostage negotiator – Marti Evelsizer – was negotiating with her (jealous) boss. He wanted to remove her from her position as head of the Pittsburgh FBI Crisis Negotiation Team.

She walked into his office prepared for the worst and used this sequence to walk out with her position intact.